How to Increase Your Bottom Line During this Hardship?

Over the course of the last 2 months COVID has taken the world by storm. It has probably caused many drastic changes to your business. Now after this long wait businesses are starting to reopen. Slowly we will all be able to bring our businesses back to their normal working conditions. With so many restrictions and changes what is the best way to reopen your business and boost your bottom line?

In this article you will learn how to reopen your business not only physically but digitally. It is important that you take the correct steps to communicate with your customer base so that they know that you are opening your doors once again.

By providing clear communication and promoting your business you can get the most out of your reopening. Lack of information could cause your customers to choose to stay home rather than risk coming back to your business. That is why it is important to have a strong online presence to communicate your business’s attention to safety before a customer ever sets foot in your location.

How to Reopen Physically

Unfortunately reopening your physical location will be more complicated than simply unlocking your doors. Business owners are going to need to have a strategy for opening that will account for many things including your employee safety, your customer safety and your businesses bottom line. 

One of the first things to consider when reopening is having in place the correct PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), cleaning supplies and procedures. Your business is going to have to communicate how your employees can remain safe as well as how they can ensure the safety of your customers. This is probably going to include social distancing practices as well as the use of face masks among other things.


One of the best ways to communicate and broadcast your business’s safety message is through adequate signage. By displaying various posters, flyers and informational banners you will be able to comfort customers and answer their most burning questions that they might be too afraid or timid to ask. Another benefit of displaying your correct procedures is that it will encourage employees to follow them more strictly. It will be much easier for your employees to remember and adhere to your safety guidelines so that there is no question of what is safe and what is not. 

All of these different tools will help to keep everyone’s safety in mind as well as quell some of the nervousness that will surround your work atmosphere. In addition to proper equipment and supplies, business owners are going to need to have cleaning procedures and policies in place. These will vary with each business but it is a great idea in place. Having these precautions in place will help to ensure that all employees and customers are using best practices in order to minimize risk of spreading any kind of illness. This will also help to reassure your customers that you are taking their security with utmost concern.

By keeping these best practices in mind you should be able to reopen your doors with confidence knowing that you have taken every precaution possible. Of course every business is facing a different challenge which will require a level of creativity to design solutions to your unique problems. Adapting to your situation will help you to hit the ground running and avoid being left behind the wave of customers that will soon be flooding back into the market. 

All of these principles are very important, but this is only half of the solution. The other half lies with the different digital outlets that your business uses. Creating a strong line of communication through these will help new and old customers find and appreciate your business. Here is how you can kick off your start with a digital marketing plan.

How to Reopen Digitally

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when reopening your business through your various digital platforms. Some are more important than others, but all will help your business to excel in the coming months.

Google Listing

Updating your google listing is possibly one of the most important parts of digitally reopening your business. Brick and mortar store locations especially understand that your Google My Business listing is the life blood of your foot traffic. If you updated your store hours to inform the public that you were temporarily closed then now is the time to lift that notice. This will probably be one of the first things that your customers will check to see if you are reopened as 88% of customers will call or visit a store within 24-hours of making a Google search from a mobile device

Here is how you can easily update your listing:

Website Update

Updating your website is another great way to show you customers that you are back in business in addition to showing some of the ways that your business has adapted to COVID-19. If you change your hours on your website or created a popup to show that your location is temporarily closed now is a great time to remove it. Consider creating something on your front page that shows, first that you are reopen, and second what changes customers might expect from your location. Do they need to bring anything? They are going to have a lot of questions, here would be a great place to answer as many as you can.

Here are the steps to update your website:



Send An Email

Send an email to your email subscribers and inform them of any important information surrounding your reopening. Let them know that you are back in business and ready to serve them once again. Keeping up a line of communication with your customers is a great way to build awareness around your reopening. Email marketing is one of the strongest ways to create a one on one dialogue with you current and potential customers. If you have never sent out an email before consider sending your first one now. Use this opportunity to address customer concerns and worries so that they can relax and remembery why it is that they love your business so much.

How to send your email.

Post a Facebook Update

Creating a Facebook update is another great way to reach out to more of your customers. Nearly every business has a Facebook and a fan group. Leverage this tool to create a Facebook post that will get customers in your door. It is important that business owners reach out through every tool that they have in order to get back to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. Use Facebook as a fantastic communication device and let your customers know what is up and how it will affect them. 

Here is how you can make a reopening Facebook post.

Consider Promoting Your Business With Digital Ads

If you are looking to accelerate your business at an even faster rate a great resource would Facebook ads and google ads. These are paid services that will push your content past just your regular audience and to potential new customers. This could be a great time to invest a little more in making your business heard. You can display ads to only those who are most likely to convert, saving you money and improving your results. If you have never run a digital ad before this is a great time to try it out and boost your reopening to be more profitable and more well known. 

Here is how you can create digital ads for Google.

Here is how you can create digital ads for Facebook.

Stay safe out there, 

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