How to Improve Accessibility and ADA Compliance?

Handicap accessibility is an aspect of website development that is sadly overlooked. Many people with visual impairments have a difficult time using the internet which has become unavoidable. Despite this many businesses have neglected to take the necessary precautions to make accessible websites. Just like how storefronts should be accessible so should websites. Here is a great way to check if your website is ADA compliant.

  1. Go to WAVE Web Accessibility Tool and enter your URL to run the test
  1. After a bit it will show you a visual breakdown of how your website. This will show you how it will be read by page readers, as well as any errors that are present. 
    • Errors are the issues that you will need to look into the closest 
    • Issues are the next thing that will affect disabled users and should be solved as soon as possible
    • The last main thing to pay attention to is the contrast errors. These result from having colors that are too close to one another in a web page. Things like this make it very difficult for those who are colorblind to effectively use your website.
  1. Lastly, to solve these issues here is a guide on how to go about making your website more handicap accessible and solve many errors that users commonly come across.

Making your website accessible is a great way to positively affect someone’s day as well as bring in more business rather than scaring it off. As another bonus perk search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo give preference to websites that follow accessibility guidelines. By creating a more easily used website they will work to send you more traffic. If you have any additional questions on how to make a website handicap accessible feel free to contact us here for additional help.

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